Klaas Seinhorst


  • Misapprehension, underspecification, and regularization.
  • Neural network models for phonology and phonetics. With Paul Boersma and Titia Benders.

  • 2017:
  • Feature economy vs. logical complexity in phonological pattern learning. In Language Sciences 60: 69–79. Part of a special issue "Complexity in human languages: a multifaceted approach", edited by Enoch O. Aboh. Accepted manuscript.

  • 2016:
  • System complexity and (im)possible sound changes. In Papers in Historical Phonology 1: 238–249.
  • The Russian adaptation of [y] as L1 bimodal perception. Linguistics in Amsterdam 9 (3): 77–96.
  • Loanwords in Amsterdam: preface. With Silke Hamann. Linguistics in Amsterdam 9 (3): i.
  • Mind the gap: inductive biases in phonological feature learning. In: Roberts, Séan et al. (eds.), The Evolution of Language: Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference (EVOLANG11).

  • 2014:
  • Phonetics in Functional Discourse Grammar. Web Papers in Functional Discourse Grammar 87.

  • 2012:
  • The evolution of auditory dispersion in symmetric neural nets (my MA thesis). Simulation scripts: for unimodal and bimodal distributions.

  • I am also a final editor of the Dutch-Polish and Polish-Dutch dictionaries published by Pegasus (2009).