OTGrammar & PairDistribution: Find positive weights...

A command to change the weights of the selected OTGrammar on the basis of the language data in the selected PairDistribution.

This command works only if the decision strategy of the selected OTGrammar is HarmonicGrammar, LinearOT, PositiveHG, or ExponentialHG. Also, the selected PairDistribution must contain exactly one non-zero-probability output for every possible input of the grammar.

The procedure follows the linear programming method by Pater, Potts & Bhatt (2007). This method tries to find a special correct weighting of the constraints, namely one that minimizes the sum of the constraint weights.


Weight floor (standard value: 1.0)
After the command finishes, every weight will have at least this value.
Margin of separation (standard value: 1.0)
After the command finishes, the harmony of every optimal (and correct) output candidate will be at least this much greater than the harmony of any competitor in the same tableau.

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