Sound: Get power in air

A command available in the Query menu if you select a Sound object. The Info window will show the power in air, expressed in Watt/m2.

Mathematical definition

The power of a sound in air is defined as

1 / (ρcT) ∫ x2(t) dt

where x(t) is the sound pressure in units of Pa (Pascal), ρ is the air density (apx. 1.14 kg/m3), c is the velocity of sound in air (apx. 353 m/s), and T is the duration of the sound. For how stereo sounds are handled, see Sound: Get energy....

For an air-independent interpretation of the power, see Sound: Get power.... For the energy, see Sound: Get energy in air. For the intensity in dB, see Sound: Get intensity (dB).

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