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A picture of Rob van Son as a young man in the early 90s

Rob van Son

Petition for a Software Patent Free Europe

I signed a petition to protect Europe from an ill-advised extension of patent law. Please read about these plans and the petition. This petition is directed to the European Parliament. Its goal is to warn European Authorities against the dangers of software patents. This petition is supported by the EuroLinux Alliance together with European companies and open source associations. Please make this petition well known to everybody concerned.
(UPDATE: It seems that the introduction of software patents is being reconsidered as a result of, among many others, this petition. However, I do think that signing this petition is still important). See also for the latest news and also at

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Curriculum Vitae

Born in 1960, in Nijmegen. Studied Biology at Nijmegen University from 1978-1984. Obtained my PhD from the University of Amsterdam in 1993 (Spectro-temporal features of vowel segments). Worked on NWO Post-Doc projects on consonant reduction from 1993-1997 and on speech efficiency from 1999-2002. From 2004-2008 I worked on a VIDI grant "Integration of information in spoken communication". From 2009 on, I am employed by the Netherlands Cancer Institute to do research on the use of speech technology to assist in the treatment and revalidation of patients with Head and Neck Cancer.

Contact information

Rob van Son
HOD, department of Head and Neck cancer
Netherlands Cancer Institute NKI-AVL
Plesmanlaan 121
1066 CX Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Also: ACLC, Fac. Humanities, University of Amsterdam
Spuistraat 210, 1012 VT Amsterdam, The Netherlands
tel: +31 (0)205253864

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