Silke Hamann

MA and BA students

BA and MA theses written under my (co-)supervision at the University of Amsterdam can be found in the Archive of the Institute of Phonetic Sciences Amsterdam (IFA).

PhD students

Klaas Seinhorst

University of Amsterdam.
Topic: The learnability of phoneme inventories.
Supervised by Paul Boersma and Silke Hamann.

Jasmin Pfeifer

University of Amsterdam and University Düsseldorf.
Topic: speech perception impairments in congenital amusia.
Supervised by Silke Hamann, Paul Boersma, Peter Indefrey and Henkjan Honing.

Former PhD students

Natalia Aralova

University of Amsterdam and MPI Leipzig, defended on 4 September 2015.
Title: Vowel harmony in two Even dialects: Production and perception.
Supervised by Brigitte Pakendorf, Silke Hamann, Sven Grawunder and Paul Boersma.

Kateřina Chládková

University of Amsterdam, defended on 7 March 2014.
Title: Finding Phonological Features in Perception.
Supervised by Paul Boersma, Paola Escudero and Silke Hamann.